Updated: 12/19/2020

Storyboard Text

  • Wow! So many people are buying plant-based milk! More and more units are sold by the day!
  • I'm going to make the best tasting almond milk people are sure to love
  • I will make almond milk with eco-friendly packaging. People will love knowing they're doing good for the environment
  • My soy milk sell best It is superior in flavor
  • Government has little involvement in marketplace
  • ALMOND CHOICESatisfaction for taste and body
  • ALMISmooth, silky, eco-friendly
  • Buy my almond milk! It has the best flavor
  • My almond milk tastes great and good for the Earth
  • My soy milk has the best consistency and taste
  • SIMPLY SOYAn experience beyond taste.
  • The consumers or the "invisible hand" purchase more plant-based milk, thus, increasing the demand.
  • Private-owned business specializing in plant-based milk compete with each other to make their products more appealing to public market. The government does not interfere with the marketplace.
  • Private-owned plant-based milk companies advertise their products to attract consumers. These companies experience increased sales among consumers.
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