Salem Witch Trials
Updated: 3/18/2021
Salem Witch Trials

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English Research Project: Salem Witch Trials

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  • Salem Witch Trials
  • The Salem Witch Trials began in Colonial Massachusetts between 1692 to 1693. >
  • These trials would happen to people that were either "seen” doing strange activity or strange behavior. These people were seen as dangerous or scary. They would then be brought to court and tried against the judges. >
  • Strange activity or behavior included people(mostly woman) having too much power, not enough power, having to many children, not enough children, and etc. Women were accused of practically anything.
  • She's a witch!
  • No, she's making a deal with the devil!
  • The Salem Witch Trials only lasted a year, with more then 200 people accused and 20 executed for possibly using witchcraft, and the devils magic. >
  • This is how the trials went...
  • Once the person had been accused and taken in to custody two people would examine the case and would then pronounce the sentence.
  • I was just making soup!
  • If the person was found guilty they would be sentenced to be hung on a specific date.
  • Guilty!