Love story
Updated: 4/8/2021
Love story

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  • Expostion
  • Hello !!
  • Rising Action 1
  • YourCrazy...
  • Yay!! i love to be outside
  • Rasing Action 2
  • We are having a kid and we cant take care of them.
  • It all started-in the dog park a husky met a beautiful Golden Retriever the Golden Retriever was a dog from the street so the owner of the husky adopted her.
  • Climax
  • The Golden Retriever was soon name Maya and they still dint name the husky because they barely got him that same day so he name him Browny
  • Falling Action
  • Dog pound
  • A few moths past and the wife got pregnant  and the family wanted no dogs in the family they started so they got sent to the pound were all the dogs go if they are in the stereet o they dint wanted them.
  • Resoution
  • At the dog pound if they dont get adoped in seven days the dogs will have to be put down to sleep
  • Idk
  • Why is our life like this browny
  • On December  two people came in because they wanted to get there kids 2 dogs for Chrismas and then the owner of the pound walked them to the dogs up for adoptio
  • Thank god we fanally foud some one
  • Yes!! we do follow me
  • Do you have dogs up for adoption ???
  • They latter adopted the two dogs and they were happy in there new home