Updated: 12/2/2020

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  • A beggar had taught me, a long time ago, how to distinguish night from day...
  • I met him one evening in my home town. He was a gaunt, shadowy fellow, dressed in shabby black clothes, with a look in his eyes that was not of this world.
  • "I'm not from around here"
  • Beggars inspired me with mingled feelings of love and fear. Hassidic literature tell us that he beggar might be the prophet Elijah in disguise. The angel of death frightens the same way, but to do him wrong is more dangerous.
  • After a bit of conversation I was quite sure he wasn't a real beggar. I told him I had to get home and he offered me company. He then asked me if I was afraid of the dark.
  • "Yes I am."
  • "You mustn't be afraid of the dark."
  • "Night is purer than the day"
  • He came to halt in front of my house.
  • Then, without giving me time to answer, he left. Every evening since I made the point of standing near a window to witness the arrival of night.
  • "I'm going to teach you the art of distinguishing between day and night. Look out a window, if you can find a face, any face, you can be sure that night has succeed day."
  • I was to kill a man at dawn and absurdly the thought popped into to my head, "What if the man I am going to kill at dawn is the beggar?". Just then a face finally started to finally form outside the window...… It was my own.