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Updated: 1/16/2020
Unknown Story
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  • In the Han Dynasty in 184, the peasants became angry with their positions and the growing corruption in the government which caused them to rebel.
  • It's not fair that the emperor's peasants have so much power of the emperor.
  • You're right, we should rebel! Also, did you notice the amount of corruption in the government, it's unbelievable!
  • After the Yellow Turban Rebellion in 184, warlords started fighting each other for power (Wei, Wu, and Shu-Han). The power eventually got divided, and the Han Dynasty collapsed.
  • I will take over China!
  • After the fall of the Han Dynasty, Emperor Wendi was able to unify China and create the beginning of a golden age. He formed the Sui Dynasty and was able to incorporated many ideas from the Han Dynasty. After he died in 604, Yangdi ruled, but because he was cruel and greedy, he was murdered by a member of his own court. Finally, Gongdi was the last emperor, and was overthrown by Li Yuan.
  • Why are you doing this?
  • By increasing your wealth and power, you are also putting the Sui Dynasty at risk. There are many threats of rebellion and invasion.
  • After the Sui Dynasty fell, Li Yuan formed the Tang Dynasty. Like the Sui Dynasty, it was also a time of new inventions and products. One important invention was the Grand Canal. He used ideas from the Sui and Han Dynasty, and restored Han policies. Rebellions broke out, and the government became weaker. In 907, the Tang Dynasty collapsed and was divided into 5 kingdoms.
  • Use the Grand Canal to trade your items. It improves our trade and travel throughout the empire. It also brings us a lot of wealth.
  • General Taizu seized the throne during the Five Dynasties period. Taizu was able to incorporate policies from the Sui and Tang Dynasties, and he built on the Han Dynasty's ideas of meritocracy. The government created a civil service exam that we still use today.
  • Let's make an exam that can determine if someone can get a job in the government.
  • During the Song Dynasty, many advancements were made. Some of these included the first mechanical clock, farming technology, and military weapons.
  • Our new tools are a lot more useful. In my opinion I like the harrow. What about you?
  • Personally, I think that the three-shared plow is more efficient.
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