Luke Phillips The Crucible Final Project
Updated: 10/16/2018
Luke Phillips The Crucible Final Project
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  • Revenge
  • No I'm not
  • Mary Warren is sending out her spirit!
  • Reputation
  • I have seen many things in this court and I have no reason to believe that the children are lying.
  • But these women have lived their whole lives with their good reputations. 
  • Lies and Deceit
  • Were you alone with Abigail?
  • Why didn't you tell me that before?
  • Yes only for a few minutes.
  • Abigail is trying to get revenge on Mary Warren for telling the truth to John Proctor and almost exposing their whole situation.
  • Hysteria
  • Did you send out your spirit?
  • John Proctor is arguing with Danforth about the legitimacy of the Witchcraft claims because the women blamed have had such good reputations.
  • Pride
  • Confess!
  • Elizabeth thinks she cannot trust John and she is mad that he did not tell her that he was alone with Abigail.
  • Greed
  • I need golden candle sticks and the deed to my house to preach. 
  • You talk too much about money and material objects.
  • Elizabeth starts the hysteria by accusing other people of witchcraft to get herself out of trouble. 
  • She does it in church making me laugh during prayer. 
  • Giles Corey refuses to tell the court the name of the person who can accuse Putnam and refuses to admit to witchcraft because of his own pride and honor.
  • More Weight.
  • Some people especially Proctor always notice how much Parris is focused on the things he gets from being the minister rather than being the minister. It shows how greedy and materialistic Parris is.
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