"Ghost Of the Lagoon"
Updated: 3/17/2021
"Ghost Of the Lagoon"

Storyboard Text

  • Mako's mother needs him to get more fruit for the family. Mako seems very excited about this. But his grandfather warns him about the Ghost of the Lagoon, Tupa.
  • Just beware of the Ghost of the Lagoon, Tupa. He killed your father.
  • Okay mother. Afa come on, were going on an expedition!
  • I will get revenge on Tupa then!!
  • Mako, we need more fruits. Would you please go get some more today?
  • Mako and his dog Afa set off to the island where they will find more fruit to gather.
  • ruff!
  • We are almost there Afa!
  • Mako decided to make a basket for the oranges, but it took longer than he thought it would and by the time he finished, it was nearly dark.
  • I'm finished with the basket for the oranges. Afa we need to get home before dark!
  • Mako and Afa run into Tupa and Afa leaps into the water and starts paddling toward shore. Tupa is very close to Afa and Mako gets very angry that his companion might be killed. Mako uses all his might and throws his spear at Tupa. He hits him 3 times until he finally kills him.
  • Afa! Come back!
  • Mako brings Tupa's body back to his village. The people are very surprised that Mako has killed him.
  • Look! Mako has killed Tupa! Ghost of the Lagoon!
  • Mako's grandfather sang a song about Mako killing Tupa that was to be sang the next day at the feast where Mako would get his prize for killing Tupa
  • hum hum hum...