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muet's comic
Updated: 9/22/2020
muet's comic
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  • In the morning, Pak Rahim opened his stall. He suprised that a crazy man, named Mat Seli slept in front of his stall. He shouted at the crazy man.
  • Bugger off !!!
  • Suddenly, Mat Seli smiled at Pak Rahim. He makes Pak Rahim confused.
  • What are you smiling at? Get out from my store, you crazy man !!!
  • At the same time, Ana who's the owner for stall next Pak Rahim stall seeing all off Pak Rahim's attitude.
  • How could Pak rahim treat poor homeless guy like mat seli in such ways
  • after a few days later, the crazy man did not show himslef in front of the Pak Rahim stall. Pak Rahim feel weird when it happened.
  • Hmm.. this weirdWhy Mat Seli doesn't appear himself in front of my stall???
  • At that day, Pak Rahim go to the next stall, Ana's stall to ask about Mat Seli.
  • Looking for him??
  • He already gone yesterday
  • Ana told everything to pak rahim as know about what happen to Mat Seli.
  • From Ana stories, Pak Rahim finally realize that he have did many terrible thing to Mat Seli without knowing that Mat Seli have sacrifice himself to protect Pak Rahim's stall
  • What?!He gone??
  • THE END...
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