Updated: 11/13/2020

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  • "Aegeus went back to Athens before the child was born, but first he placed in a hollow a sword and a pair of shoes and covered them with a great stone."
  • "Sinis, who killed people by fastening them to two pine trees bent down to the ground and letting the trees go, died in that way himself."
  • "In fact he was afraid of the young man’s great popularity, thinking that he might win the people over to make him king, and he invited him with the idea of poisoning him. The plan was not his, but Medea’s..."
  • ""She sent for Daedalus and told him how to get out of the Labyrinth, and she sent for Theseus and told him she would bring about his escape if he would promise to take her back to Athens and marry her."
  • " He came upon him asleep and fell upon him, pinning him to the ground; and with his fists he had no other weapon—he battered the monster to death."
  • ""It was to him the sign of his son’s death and he threw himself down from a rocky height into the sea, and was killed. The sea into which he fell was called the Aegean ever after."
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