the detective
Updated: 3/12/2020
the detective

Storyboard Text

  • waaaaa
  • hmm... I wonder who made this kid cry
  • what did he or she look like
  • he looked like a butcher and he stole my wallet
  • yes a place to hide from that pesky kid
  • A detective is thinking who made the child cry. The rain is super cold and the kid needs shelter. So the detective decides to take the kid home.
  • hey
  • look there he is
  • So the next day the detective brings the kid to his house. and then he starts the questions about what the guy look like that stole his wallet.
  • thank you
  • your welcome
  • I'm sorry
  • thnk you
  • meanwhile... The guy that stole the kids wallet is trying to find a place to hide. he finds a sewer and almost gets in
  • I think I am
  • r u my fother
  • The kid and the detective go for a walk and see the theif and stop him from going into the sewer. so they start running at him.
  • the detective called the police, and the police made the man give the wallet back. So the man gave the wallet back and said "sorry" and the kid forgived him.
  • when the kid and the detective go home the detective noticed the kid was his long lost chidld. Then the kid noticed the detective was his dad. To Be Continued