Ap Work
Updated: 2/7/2020
Ap Work

Storyboard Text

  • French colonizers did promote ethnic and regional distinctions among their Central African subjects.
  • The French helped to create an elite group, which emerged as an indigenous ruling group for the whole country and has held most political positions since independence.
  • Other, nonriverine Central Africans, who are far more numerous, have tended to resent this situation and have occasionally taken leadership roles themselves.
  • The 1995 constitution was suspended in 2003, following a military coup. Under a new constitution promulgated in late 2004, the president is head of state and limited to two consecutive five-year terms.
  • The constitution also provides for a prime minister, a council of ministers, and a 105-member National Assembly.
  • In January 2013 a rebel coalition and the government agreed to a power-sharing deal, but in March the rebels seized power and the president fled the country.