Unknown Story
Updated: 2/4/2021
Unknown Story

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  • It's worth a try!
  • What if we catch the fish for food?
  • We have to do something or we will starve to death!
  • That will never work!
  • I guess they are right that's our only option!
  • Once, there were six very hungry people. They were stranded on cellular respiration island. They had no energy left and was getting really tired. Glycolysis was occurring in the cytoplasm.
  • Then, the very hungry people noticed bubbles on the surface of the water. Then they remembered bubbles mean fish! Fish means food, a source of energy! (ATP)
  • As it got darker and darker, and the people got hungrier and hungrier, they thought of a plan!
  • The cytoplasm was really cold. But, they needed to feed themselves! So they split into two pyruvates. To find ATP!
  • The first group, the anaerobic respiration group did not need oxygen. They did not have any energy, since they had no oxygen but they found some animals that made lactic acid and plants that made alcohol. They were swimming in the cytopasm.
  • The other group which is called the aerobic respiration group was swimming in the mitochondria. They were able to stay down longer because they had more energy and oxygen to spare. They even found 36 ATP, that's a ton of energy provided!