Texas Revolution
Updated: 12/14/2020
Texas Revolution

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  • The Texas revolution Important eventsevent 1 Mier y Teran Report
  • Mier did you noticed since we came back people that do not have a title for a piece of land think they own it
  • we should definitely write a report about this
  • yes I have noticed that too
  • I agree
  • Mier y Teran Report Law of April 6,1830first half event 1 second half event 2
  • So MIer and Teran wrote the report about what they thought bout people thinking they own the land but don have a title for it
  • Have you read the report Mier and teran wrote
  • Report We have noticed that people are thinking they own the land but they do not even have a title for the land Mier and Teran
  • yes
  • Law of April 6,1830 event 2
  • were the Mexican government and we have to do something
  • New Laws No more immigration from the U.S.no more impresario grants no new slaves
  • I agree
  • I think we should make new laws
  • Turtle Bayou Resolutions
  • <-- Santa Anna
  • We pledge our support for Santa Anna and we promise that we are not going to attack the Mexican government
  • we would like to have peace with you and to prove it we will write a sires of statements
  • Constitutional convention of 1836event 3
  • We are trusted to write the declaration of independence for Texas
  • Texas declaration of independence
  • Constitutional convention of 1836
  • everybody from Texas gathered and signed the declaration of independence for Texas
  • <--George Childless
  • <--David Burnett
  • <--Lorenza de zaval
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