hero storyboard

Updated: 10/4/2021
hero storyboard

Storyboard Text

  • * Brushing her teeth
  • hii leah why is the water still running when your brushing your teeth?
  • UHHH who are u and how do you know my name?
  • A story about how she need too use less water.
  • also i know your name because i'm a superhero duhh my name is watergirl i get sense when somebody is wasting water and i have sense you wasting water multiple times
  • if you dont turn off the faucet when brushing your teeth i will put a vision in your mind that will show you someone life without water.
  • there is this girl named leah who really only cared about how white/ nice her teeth are. there was this girl named watergirl and she also was a superhero. she tries to get people to use less water. her superpower is that she could put visions in people heads,she could also sense when people are wasting water and she always sense leah wasting water and went to check it out.
  • I need waterrrrrrr
  • watergirl decided to finally visit and teach her on why not to waste water. her plan was to give leah a vision of what the world could look like if there was no water because of leah wasting all the water .
  • No problem that is my job dear BYEEE..
  • I am so very sorry i will not waste water again thanks for teaching me something bye have a good day super girl.
  • after watergirl told brooklynn to turn off the faucet she did not listen so water knew she had to give leah the vision
  • after leah saw the vision she knew what she had to dave the water so that's what she did
  • After she seen that leah turned the faucet off and never wasted water again.while watergirl was teaching more people why it was important to not waste water .