Unknown Story
Updated: 4/8/2021
Unknown Story

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  • Joe’s mother passes away after battling cancer and his hardships really begin after this.
  • Joe is kicked out of his own house by his stepmother at 10 years old and must find a new place to live and ways to support himself.
  • Joe lived with his family again for a short time after his father bought a farm, but eventually his stepmother forced his dad to leave with her. This leaves Joe to tend to the whole farm by himself.
  • The University of Washington team is having a great season and winning all their races. The Olympics look like a very good possibility at this point.
  • After making it to the Olympics, the team goes to Berlin and starts to practice once again. Despite their previous victories, the Washington team cannot find their rhythm. The team is spending to much time partying and going out and not enough time focused on their goal.
  • The team ends up winning the race and have given everything they are physically capable of. Team member Don Hume has passed out by the end of the race, since he still rowed even though he was sick.