Updated: 12/16/2020

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  • Natalie's Diary: VolleyBall Match
  • I heard that my boyfriend has a volleyball match today! So I planned to surprise & visit him!
  • At the Parking Lot'
  • Things Needed <3: ✔︎ Homemade Sandwiches✔︎ Water Bottles✔︎ Towels✔︎ Sanitizers ✔︎ Extra Clothes
  • ETSGO!!
  • GO RED TEAM!! 
  • On a beautiful winter day, Natalie who recently went to her home province had planned to surprise her boyfriend on his volleyball match.
  • Locker's Room
  • You were so great during the match babe! You were so cool!
  • After a long-well drive, she finally arrived at the school's parking lot where her boyfriend's volleyball match took place.
  • Locker's Room
  • Yes you did! But right now we should get you cleaned up & eat. Go take a shower, you stink!!
  • Okay Okay! I will, but before I forget Thank you so much for coming today <3 You gave me so much motivation, you were the reason we won today!
  • After arriving at the venue, she took a seat on the bleachers while watching & cheering for her boyfriend during his volleyball match and letting him know she was there :))
  • The End <3
  • I'm ready, love! Should we go ahead to the party? I think everyone is already waiting for us :))
  • After almost all day, Natalie's boyfriend & his team won the match! Later on, they went inside the locker room to see it empty as everybody just proceeded to go to the party to celebrate the win of their match.
  • Did you see me back there, love? I improved my Overhand Serve skill alot didn't I?
  • Afterwards Natalie's boyfriend, Lucas went to take a shower after drinking water & wiping his excess sweat by his girlfriend and also quickly ate the homemade sandwich as he was hungry.
  • After Natalie waited in the hallway for her boyfriend to take a shower; She had already started their car to prepare to go to the venue of the party. And, so later that afternoon Lucas & his team finally celebrated their win at a party together with the biggest support of his girlfriend, Natalie.
  • Wow! you smell really nice. I've already started the car. Let's get going!
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