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Updated: 5/8/2019
New Nation

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  • Whiskey Rebellion
  • Federal Judiciary act of 1789
  • Marbury V Madison
  • The whiskey rebellion was protest of farmers on the the tax of whiskey. President Washington then sent a army of troops to go calm down the protest. This proved that our nation was strong and that our government was ready to put down any rebellion.
  • Alien act
  • This act created the 3 steps for the federal court. It made the trial courts, the supreme courts and the an appeals court. It was signed by George Washington on September 24.
  • Sedition act
  • This case happened during Thomas Jeffersons presidency. This was the court case that established judicial review and gave the power to federal courts to declare executive and legislative acts unconstitutional.
  • Louisiana Purchase
  • 15 million and its yours!
  • This was a series of laws passed by the federalist congress. Theses laws had new powers to deport any immigrants as well as making it harder for themm to vote.
  • You are being deported!
  • This act was signed into law by John Adams. This act made it illegal to speak out against the government.
  • This government sucks!
  • your under arrest!
  • Thomas Jefferson purchased this big piece of land from Napoleon. He made a deal with France for 15 million dollars. He wanted to get rid of France so he could control the Mississippi river.
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