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Maximus Wilmions Tragic Tale
Updated: 11/26/2019
Maximus Wilmions Tragic Tale
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  • There was once a man by the name Maximus Wilmion.Maximus was a master huntsman and could kill any animal from rabbit to bear unflinchingly.
  • Hey girl
  • But of all animals in the wood the stag was his favorite prey.From its noble movements to the station it held in the house of Artemis the stag was the most thrilling game to hunt.
  • By Artemis that's one hot stag
  • With the swift skill of a trained hunter Maximus slaughtered every animal within 10 miles
  • At last! I have all of the meat to myself!
  • The people of Athens were starving so they demanded that Maximus share his ample meat with the city. However Maximus refused and the people of Athens prayed to Artemis the god of the hunt for help.
  • What can I say, Its my meat and I'm not sharing.
  • But we're starving
  • Sounds like a you problem!
  • Meanwhile on Mount Olympus Artemis fell to her knees after seeing the greed of Maximus Wilmion. She knew that such greed could not be left to fester.
  • How could he horde all the meat?!?
  • Artemis took Maximus to the graveyard where all of the citizens of Athens who had starved were buried. Artemis asked if Maximus was sorry for what he did and when he showed no remorse Artemis turned him into a lizard.
  • Don't let greed cloud your judgment silly mortal.
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