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Updated: 5/22/2020
ela thing
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  • 1During a Civil war, it is night time in a country town and there are gunshots going off. A sniper is eating a sandwich hungrily, and decided to smoke. The other enemy sniper noticed the flash from the lighter and shot at him, but missed.
  • 2An enemy tank shows up and an informant tells the people in the tank about the sniper on the roof. The sniper shoots the woman informant and the soldier in the tank.Inciting incident
  • 3The sniper on the roof gets shot in his arm. He drops his weapon and curses under his breath. He puts some sort of juice in the wound that stung, and cradled the wounded arm.
  • 4The sniper on the roof needed a way to kill the enemy sniper, so he came up with a plan. He put his gun on the top of the roof and placed his cap on top of it, to which it got blasted with a bullet and fell. He then put his injured arm over the roof and the shooter thought he was dead so the shooter came out. The sniper killed the enemy shooter and watched him fall.CLIMAX
  • 5The sniper feels guilty and remorseful about the war and everything he did in it. He felt angry at himself and sad and guilty towards the war and how it turned out like this. He kept cursing the war.
  • 6The sniper dropped his gun which snapped him back from his thoughts. He wanted to know who he killed, so he risked it and flew across the street, nearly getting shot. He looked down at the face and discovered it was his brother.RESOLUTION
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