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The Intolerable Acts
Updated: 5/21/2020
The Intolerable Acts
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  • Growing Tensions between the Colonies.
  • The Boston massacre
  • Aleesia Alderfer
  • The Quartering Act
  • The Quartering act is where colonists had to house there house to soldiers, and give them food. The colonist where not too happy about this.
  • The Stamp Act
  • The Stamp Act is where people had to pay for a stamp on all government and public documents. Like newspapers, licenses, contracts, etc.
  • In 1763 Great Britain defeated the French and their Native American allies, in the French and Indian war. It was a street fight that occurred on May 5, 1770.
  • The Boston Tea Party
  • They threw 342 chests of tea overboard. After, They were told they could only buy tea from one place and had to pay taxes for it.
  • The Intolerable Acts
  • The Intolerable act was a series of laws that would keep the colonists and Massachusetts in order.Their anger over these laws started the American Revolution.
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