Updated: 5/10/2020
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  • Hi my name is Rhonny Rhombus, I'm here to tell you everything about rhombuses! We're shapes with 4 congruent sides, and we also love eating ice cream!
  • Here comes my mom, she knows alot of our family of quadrilaterals.
  • Us rhombuses have 4 angles but not all of them are congruent, only the opposite angles are.
  • This is my dad, he works at his computer all day.
  • You see just like this computer screen here, our family's opposite sides are the only ones that are parallel.
  • Here's my older brother, hey bro I have a question, what do you know about our diagonals?
  • Well lil bro our diagonals actually are congruent and they bisect each other, AND they bisect opposite angles. Pretty cool if you ask me.
  • My little sister is reading a book about rhombuses, lets see what she learned so far.
  • Wow I didn't know that, anyways I'm gonna go outside to see grandpa.
  • DId you know that a rhombuses adjacent angles aren't congruent!? They're actually supplementary that's so crazy!
  • Of course I have facts to share, why I remember when I first learned about our parts. Your great grandfather told me that he discovered our diagonals are actually perpendicular to each other, I mean can you believe it?
  • Wow thanks so much, I'm glad I learned so much about rhombuses today.
  • Hey grandpa how's it going, I'm learning all about rhombuses is there anything you think I missed so far?
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