Updated: 8/18/2021

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  • one thing about 2d &3d animator is....
  • Konami Gaming, Inc. entered the US gaming market in the 2000s and we’ve spent the last two decades moving the industry forward with breakthrough games, head turning cabinets, and a casino management system that brings it all together. Over that time, we’ve garnered our share of awards and established a corporate culture of success and innovation.
  • Walt Disney received not only an Oscar award for the cartoon “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs,” but one large figurine and seven smaller ones.
  • Toy Story” is the first feature-length film fully modeled and created with the help of 3D technology.
  • “Lion King” was initially created as a secondary animated film, while the main stage was made by the Disney studio on “Pocahontas.” Scriptwriters of “Lion King” did not believe in the project and were reluctant to start working on it, since they thought “the story is not that good” and “I don’t even know who will watch that.”
  • Throughout the second part of the “Pocahontas” animated film, its main character has her hair gathered up into a bin – the reason for this was a lack of artists’ time to conduct rendering of flying, flowing hair.