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Unknown Story
Updated: 4/23/2020
Unknown Story
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  • No women out alone
  • Gender Abuse
  • Unequal Rights
  • After Rasheed refuses to go with Laila to visit Aziza she decides to walk their alone which is against the Talibans rule which is corrupting the influence of power because they are using their power for bad and taking advantage of their rule over the people.
  • Wrong Decision
  • When Laila gets home from running away, Rasheed is extremely rough with her. He forces her and their kid in the dark room for days with almost no water or food. He is abusing his power of male in the household by treating his family poorly.
  • Bad Beating
  • When Laila is about to give birth and she is at the all girls hospital which the Taliban enforced. The all girls hospital is disgusting and dirty. This is corrupting influence of power because the Taliban is abusing their power for worse and not better.
  • Prison Conditions
  • After Mariam asks for help from a random man he tells on her so she gets in trouble with the police officer. Despite the fact that police officers should help, he sends them right back to Rasheed. Officer is using his power for bad instead of helping.
  • When Mariam and Laila return from attempting to run away, Mariam gets a brutal beating from Rasheed as a punishment. Laila can even hear it from upstairs. Rasheed is again abusing his power as the male in the house.
  • In prison there are no curtains or anything. The guards are commonly staring at the girls in ways they shouldn't be. They are taking advantage of their job and abusing their power by making the girls feel uncomfortable.
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