ELA The Diamond Necklace Storyboard project
Updated: 2/12/2021
ELA The Diamond Necklace Storyboard project

Storyboard Text

  • "Oh, my poor Mathilde! How you are changed!"
  • "Yes, I have had a pretty hard life, since I last saw you, and great poverty—and that because of you!"
  • "Yes. Well?"
  • "Well, I lost it."
  • "Do you remember that diamond necklace you lent me to wear at the ministerial ball?"
  • "What do you mean? You brought it back."
  • "I brought you back another exactly like it. And it has taken us ten years to pay for it. You can understand that it was not easy for us, for us who had nothing. At last it is ended, and I am very glad."
  • One day, Mathilde ran in too Madame Loisel in Champs Elysees when she was on a walk. At first Madame Loisel didn't recognise Mathilde until she brought up the diamond necklace that she had lent her.
  • "Oh, my poor Mathilde! Why, my necklace was paste! It was worth at most only five hundred francs!"
  • Mathilde told Madame Loisel how she had lost her diamond necklace necklace.
  • Madame Loisel was so confused because she thought that she gave it back to her but, it was just a replacement of her original necklace.
  • Mathilde finds out that if she had told the truth in the beginning, she wouldn't have had to replace the fake diamond necklace and pay it off.