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EDamrau Force and motion
Updated: 9/17/2018
EDamrau Force and motion
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  • As I throw the ball to Bob the ball pushes against me, this is the resistance that you feel when tossing something or enter-acting with something.
  • This demonstrates Newton's 3rd law of motion. 
  • As Bob throws the ball, he has to put a curtain amount of force to get the ball at a certain amount of speed and he also has to acount for how heavy the ball is.
  • This demonstrates Newton's 2nd law of motion, Force=mass times acceleration. 
  • If I throw the ball I break inertia, in Newton's 1st law is states that any mass that is at rest stays like that and any mass that is in motion stays in motion unless acted on by a unbalanced force. I am the unbalanced force (along with gravity) thatmakes the ball move instead of just staying still.
  • This demonstrates Newton's 1st law of motion.
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