Academic Dishonesty

Updated: 10/13/2021
Academic Dishonesty

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  • Academic Dishonesty Storyboard
  • Make sure to complete your homework and bring it tomorrow!
  • The ILA teacher tells everyone to INDIVIDUALLY complete the 10 questions for homework and bring it to class tomorrow.
  • Tommy and Chuckie made a plan to each do 5 questions and then swap papers at evening.
  • That evening, they switched papers thinking they were really smart.
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  • Would you consider this cheating? Why or why not?I would consider this cheating because their ILA teacher said that had to do the homework individually, but they worked on it together.Who is cheating in your scenario?Tommy and Chuckie are the ones cheating on their homework.
  • How did they cheat? Explain.They cheated by switching their papers in the evening for one person to do half of it, and another person to do the other half of it. The teacher also said they must do it individually. She wanted to see how much one individual learned, not a group of people.How would you handle this situation if you were placed in this situation?I would contact a teacher or trusted adult and tell them what happened.