Volcanos Gowen Sience
Updated: 9/29/2020
Volcanos Gowen Sience

Storyboard Text

  • Constructive and destructive forces
  • All about volcanoes by Presley Taylor
  • Ms Gowen's class was really fun.
  • Yeah, it was!
  • Learning about a volcano is really cool.
  • Constructive forces are forces that build up things naturally.
  • And destructive forces are forces that break things down naturally.
  • Volcanoes are formed by two tectonic plates squeezing together and form a mountain. Then magma is made and lava comes out of it when it erupts.
  • Volcanoes are made with constructive forces. The tectonic plate squeezing together construc-ts a mountain.
  • Now what you know how volcanoes are formed, and what they are, you can go study some more about volcanoes! Bye!