The Magic Flute project

Updated: 1/13/2021
The Magic Flute project

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  • Introduction
  • Hi there! I'm "R", i'm here to tell ya'll all about "The Magic Flute" by none other than Mozart!
  • Meet and Greet! (Mozart)
  • And by the age of 6 my family and I made tours across Europe! We had a lot of fans! And met other famous composers like myself haha!
  • Yet I wanted to do much more than that! But home was poor and was too small afford it, so after about 5 years of work I resigned.
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  • Me and my friends out there wanted to know about your opera "The Magic Flute", what inspired you to write it?
  • Of course later in your young adult years you became a court musician, writing lots of pieces.
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  • Meet and greet part 2!
  • Three Ladies
  • Queen of the night
  • Pamina
  • Alright! Names please!
  • Tamino
  • Papageno&Papagena
  • Sarastro and Monostatos
  • R: Hi there! I'm "R", I'm here to tell ya'll all about "The Magic Flute" by none other than Mozart!
  • Plot!!!
  • R: Before we get further into this I want us to take a visit to Salzburg, Austria! Over 200+ years in the past! because that's when "Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart" was born and when he began composing at age 5!
  • Musical Pieces and Arias!!
  • Well, normally most of my operas were of the Italian Opera genre, but for this particular one I touched upon the German-Language genre of "Singspiel", which has spoken dialog and musical numbers. I also wrote it because people wanted a play that's all about magic and outrage in Vienna
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  • R: Now here we'll meet the characters in the story of "The Magic Flute"! The following characters are the ever arrogant Queen of the night, Tamino, Three servants of QOTN, Papageno, Pamina, Sarastro, and many more characters such as Monostatos, a ugly and hopeless romantic black individual which represents a mix of racist stereotypes in late 18th century and Papagena, who first appears as an old woman who kinda tests Papageno and eventually becomes his wife.
  • Extras
  • Queen Of The Night Aria
  • Search up these videos on youtube!
  • The Magic Flute
  • R: This magical fairytale opera shows us the themes of good vs evil as well as enlightenment vs ignorance. In the story, Tamino gets lost and chased by a monster and faints, he then meets Papageno, The Three servants, and QOTN, Tamino now in love with Pamina, ventures into Sarastro's temple where he tried to keep Pamina away from the deranged QOTN. After Sarastro sends Monostatos away for behaving lustfully towards Pamina, Tamino and Papageno had to go through three trials that leads into enlightenment, In the end two couples formed, Tamino and Pamina and Papageno and Papagena, and QOTN and Monostatos are casted out.
  • R: "The Queen Of The Night's Aria" is the best aria of the opera because of its demanding two octave vocal range. What happens in the aria is that, the Queen now filled with a vengeful rage against Sarastro, tries to encourage her daughter, Pamina, to kill him with a weapon that she just gave her or else she'll be disowned and cursed.
  • R: Here is "The Queen Of The Night's Aria" video link, you then have a video of the opera itself (Can't actually put videos in here)