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100 Year War
Updated: 3/27/2019
100 Year War
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  • The Edwardian War
  • -Started when King Philip iv of France seized King Edward iii's dutchy and Edward sent troops to France -Put on hold after the spread of the bubonic plague -French King John replaced Philip after his death -Treaties were signed and Edward was given land of his own -Peace followed for nine years
  • The Caroline War
  • -Edward iv refused demands to go to Paris, starting the war -King Charles v of France wanted to take back land England took years ago and he gained back a lot before his death -Edwards son takes over and they make peace with Charles iv -Peace lasted 25 years
  • The Lancastrian War
  • -Henry v from England invaded Normandy, starting the war -Henry died and his brother John led military into France -England was pushed back because of characters like Joan of Arc
  • -Born a peasant but claimed to be following God and led the French to many victories -Sold to the English and burned at the stake -She was considered a saint by the Catholic Church
  • Joan of Arc
  • During the 100 year war there was an increase in national pride with the French and English people but it also caused conflict after the wars.
  • Nationalism
  • -The 100 year war led to fundimental change in warfare -Knights and cavary were too expensive to sustain -English long bows could pierce a knights armor -The armies were mostly made up of peasants
  • Warfare
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