Updated: 12/1/2020

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  • My name is Kathy. These are my friends Tommy and Ruth. We like at Hailsham together, and are taken care of by the guardians. We learn and get our education, as we prepare to be donors and carers when we grow up.
  • As we grew up Tommy and Ruth have gotten to be a couple. I have a special relationship with both of them. At Hailsham Ruth is my closest friend, and Tommy confides in me. They have had a bit of a bumpy few months, but when they need help I am willing to be the one to help them.
  • After graduation the three of us got moved tot he cottage. Ever since we got here, Ruth has started to change. She has always been controlling, but not she talks down on Tommy and I, and she is trying had to fit in, confusing me and Tommy. She is constantly copying the guardians, and sucking up to them.
  • Me and Tommy have always been able to talk to each other. We understand each other and do not make the other feel bad. He once caught me looking at porn magazines, and he did not judge me. Later we talked about it, and he understood why I did it. Him and Ruth have been having a hard time, and we are going on a trip to find Ruth's possible soon.
  • We ended up not finding Ruth's possible. She was extremely upset, and has been taking her anger out on us. The two of us stayed back as Ruth and two veterans left to a friends. Tommy and I got even closer, and he helped me rekindle some old feelings I used to have.
  • Ruth came in after we got back. Things have been different. I can't talk to either of them as I did, and Ruth has torn me down. She was mean to Tommy earlier and now is telling me to not try to be friends with him, because we will never be more. She used my secrets against me. This was the moment I knew I needed to get out. I started my carer training them.
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