Reza Shah
Updated: 6/5/2020
Reza Shah
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  • 2 years before the Abdication of Reza Shah
  • Javad look! the Shah looks so cool. I wish we were rich like him.
  • Wow! I want to be the Shah too
  • 1941 "Present" day Iran
  • If i'm going to become the Shah then i need to pay attention
  • After school
  • Today was your last day of school. Javad i need you to come to the oil mines with me to work and Roya will spend her days learning how to sew.
  • Roya come here
  • Javad and Roya Shirvani sit and watch the Shah give his speech on the TV.
  • Meanwhile in the Stairway
  • It's the new Shah......
  • Why do I have to wear this?
  • Javad is a student and has always been interested in politics. Always wanted to become the shah but realized it will take time. He figures being in the military will help him become the shah one day.
  • The Shah was forced to give up his position. This leaves us vulnerable to the west.
  • Javad's dream of becoming the Shah and Roya's dream of finishing school with her big brother are shattered when they are not able to finish school. Their family is in a financial crisis and needs all hands on deck especially since the new Shah's laws are in place Roya need to adapt quickly.
  • Couple months later...
  • I need to do this.. for my family
  • Why is this happening? Don't worry Roya we'll figure this out. But for now stay quiet I need to hear what they are saying.
  • Roya and Javad are in a state of panic. Still clinging onto their last shred of hope for a better life. Javad needs to know why their parents are letting them give up everything they dreamed of.
  • While Javad and Roya are eavesdropping, Hassan and Frida are talking about the new Shah. With the abdication of Reza Shah many laws have changed. For instance Women's rights, wearing the hijab and even a higher pay in the oil business. 
  • I won't be able to find a job, what will we do about the kids? There lives, hopes and dreams will be put on hold now.
  • Javad has put away his dreams for his family. They are going poor faster than he could have imagined. They don't get much pay in the fields but with his help his family is able to have dinner on the table at the end of the day.
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