Farenheit StoryBoard 2
Updated: 1/15/2021
Farenheit StoryBoard 2

Storyboard Text

  • "'What do you want?' . . . 'I havnt done anything!'"(Bradbury 80)
  • "'I've always said poetry and tears, poetry and suicide and crying and awful feelings, poetry, and sickness; all that mush"'(Bradbury101)
  • "'Why,' . . . 'we've stopped in front of my house."' (Bradbury 110)
  • Montag remembers a man named Faber who used to be a professor and goes to his house. Faber and Montag plot to overthrow the fireman system.
  • Montag takes out a book and begins reading poems to Mildreds friends. They get angry and very upset and leave.
  • The firemen arrive at their next house which is Montag's house. Beatty knows about the books Montag stashed.