Storyboard project- turtle

Updated: 2/17/2021
Storyboard project- turtle

Storyboard Text

  • overproduction
  • variation
  • enviorment
  • the turtles overproduce. they lay about 24-70 eggs at a time because some might die.
  • struggle
  • the variations of turtles are a normal turtle and a turtle with spikes on its shell.
  • selection
  • the turtle's environment is the ocean or any body of water.
  • different reproduction
  • a struggle for a turtle is that they can be eaten by sharks underwater. and they can be eaten by halks/birds on land.
  • the natural selection would choose ¨for¨ the turtle with spikes because the sharks won't eat the turtles with spikes because it would hurt them and the same with the birds.
  • the turtles with spikes survived and reproduced because they were not eaten. and the turtles without spikes died because they were eaten.