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FFA Storyboard Project
Updated: 2/27/2019
FFA Storyboard Project
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  • Charlie works at a factory
  • Haha! Good one Frank!
  • You guys are funny!
  • Looks like someone pulled a Charlie Gordon! 
  • Charlie races Algernon
  • What's an 'amaze'
  • This maze is what we'll be testing you with
  • Charlie falls in love with Miss Kinnian
  • Aw, thank you Charlie!
  • I got you a flower Miss Kinnian!
  • Frank is insulting Charlie with the joke, "to pull a Charlie Gordon" which means to mess up. Charlie doesn't realize they're insulting him, so he laughs along. In both the book and movie, Charlie works at some type of factory.
  • Charlie causes a commotion at the science convention
  • Charlie, STOP!
  • The old Charlie would have called you friends, but you would've treated him like a lab specimine!
  • Burt is explaining to Charlie what test he'll be going through. Charlie doesn't quite understand most of what Burt is saying, but tries to follow along. In the book and movie, Charlie goes through multiple tests, including mazes.
  • Charlie makes amends with his mother
  • I'm glad I got the chance to talk to her.
  • My, he's grown up
  • Charlie is giving Miss Kinnian a flower while hanging out. After the operation, Charlie starts to develop romantic feelings for someone who he only saw as a teacher. In the movie and book, Charlie realizes he has feelings for Miss Kinnian since he's now able to perceive more emotions.
  • Charlie gets a raise
  • Really?! Thanks Mr. Donnagen!
  • Charlie, you did good job so I'm giving you a raise.
  • Charlie is causing a commotion at the science convention. In the movie, Charlie gets angry and lashes out at the audience. In the book, there is hardly any mention of a science convention.
  • In the movie, Charlie makes amends with his mother by finding her and talking to her and working things out. In the book, there is a brief mention that his mother left him when he was young, but no contact.
  • Mr. Donnagen gives Charlie a raise for doing something productive at work. In the movie, Charlie is very happy since this hasn't happened previously. In the book, he was not given a raise.
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