Eric Brown

Updated: 8/26/2020
Eric Brown

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  • British
  • hello i wanted to tell you about the Briticism in the new world and what they wanted
  • to create permanent colonies in North America to support the economic policy of mercantilism
  • the British wanted create permanent colony's around the world
  • England wanted to send its people to places all over the world to build lasting settlements and work to send resources back to England
  • north america
  • WHAT!!!!!
  • Spanish
  • and im here to tell you what Spanish people wanted
  • The Spanish never realized the need for self-sustaining colonies as they were preoccupied with their search for gold.
  • the Spanish believed it was their spiritual responsibility to convert the American Indians to Christianity
  • Europeans sought personal fortune and fame, the glory that came with exploring and conquering a new area.