Jadyn Kelly
Updated: 3/31/2021
Jadyn Kelly

Storyboard Text

  • Sparta Women
  • Sparta Childhood
  • Sparta Economy
  • In Sparta, the women had lots of rights. They could remarry, own properties, fight, and do men's work.
  • Athens Women
  • Children in Sparta had to learn how to fight. Girls also learned household duties. At the age of 7, boys were taken away from their families and put into military camp.
  • Athens Childhood
  • In Sparta, they farmed and fished. They discouraged trade, unlike the people of Athens. They had good land for farming. For money, they had big iron bars.
  • Athens Economy
  • In Athens, it was the women's job to teach their daughters how to do basic household duties. They did not have many rights.
  • Girls in Athens learned how to do household jobs from their mothers. Boys went to school and hung out with friends.
  • In Athens, they traded goods. Their land wasn't suitable for farming. For money, they had coins.