Leidy Dayanna Echeverry-English 6

Updated: 5/4/2020
Leidy Dayanna Echeverry-English 6

Storyboard Text

  • 2.Hi I'm excited to see you!
  • 1. Hi friend, how you’ve been? long time no see!
  • 2.Of course I remember that.
  • 1.Do you remember our school days ... We always liked to exercise or play sports.
  • 1. It was fun to practice basketball but if I had chosen well, I would have joined the school cheerleading team.
  • 2.That brings back some good memories!
  • 2.Anyway, playing any sport helps us among other things to be organized people over time.
  • 1.In my case if I had been shy, I would not have been able to enter, because we had to dance, socialize with others, make presentations in front of many people etc.
  • 1.You have reason.When I went at the university, I started working at the same time.I had too many things to do and had to do both.
  • 2.That wasn't easy.
  • 2. I agree with you.We don’t have much time now.
  • 1.One thing I’m sure of is that if we hadn’t enjoyed our childhood, we would have regretted not having enjoyed it when we could.