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The Purloined Letter
Updated: 12/5/2018
The Purloined Letter
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  • Ok so there was like a million dollars stolen yesturay and we know rough who did it but we can't find him to make
  • try his house first that would obiously be the first place he put's it
  • Ok i've been checking for like three days straight and I haven't gotten any progress.
  • I'm pretty sure that guy in the top-hat was high, I mean he didn't evem start his sentence is a capital letter.
  • I'll ask him again he probably knows something, he has his own libraby that has to mean something.
  • and that didn't sound weird but ok
  •  I checked that house a good hundered times and didnt find anything.
  • Yeah that's not depressing at all, but ok I know where it's at. Just close you're eyes and I'll show you magic.
  • I'll give you my entire life saving just help me
  • But how though?
  • That's the money, but how did you get it? Did you steal it!
  • I didn't steal it and I have ways
  • So this is how I did it...
  • I went to go look my self and I saw a sack of money under the fireplace, i think he want to hide all of the money in the chimney
  • hmm that's a new one, but i have to come back tomorrow, he's too aware right now
  • So the next day i left my watch there on purpose to be able to come back, I also hired someone to knock on the door and distract him
  • ok you do that I'll be over doing nothing of the searching variety.
  • that's weird for someone to say out loud but...
  • I'll be back someones at the door.
  • Ok
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