Updated: 4/6/2021

Storyboard Text

  • Hey Lisa! On our way to home lets grab a burger from MrBurger today!
  • Sure Kevin! Even I haven't had them in quite some time.
  • Uncle Joe's Burger
  • Look Lisa someone's crying!
  • Let's ask him what happened and help him if we can.
  • This pandemic has absolutely devastated the economy, small business like mine are getting destroyed. How must I feed my family?
  • Uncle Joe's Burger
  • What happened uncle? Why are you crying?
  • Lisa I'm tired of having MrBurger's same taste every time. Let's have Uncle Joe's Burger today!
  • Uncle Joe's Burger
  • Sure! I would love to try something new!
  • This is literally the best burger I ever had Uncle Joe!
  • Are you kids enjoying the burgers?
  • I think we should really support these local Neighborhood businesses.
  • Yes, after all we're the only source of income they have. Next time we'll also get some of our friends to try Uncle Joe's Burgers