Bud Not Buddy
Updated: 3/6/2020
Bud Not Buddy

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  • Bud is a ten year old boy. His mom died 4 years ago and now he lives in an orphanage called "The Home"
  • In this scene, Bud is getting revenge on a spoiled brat named Todd. Todd had shoved a pencil up his nose, so Bud made Todd wet the bed
  • In this chapter, Bud and his friend Bugs try to jump a train to Colorado but Bud dropped his suitcase and he missed the train.
  • In This chapter, Bud goes into a car, and he sees jars of human blood! He gets scared and thinks the driver is a vampire, but he was really just donating blood.
  • In this chapter, after meeting the Dusky Devastators Of Depression, he is sent to a room which belonged to his mom. But he didn't know it used to be his moms room.
  • In this chapter, Bud finds out that Herman E. Calloway was his grandpa. Herman was sad because he found out that his daughter was dead, and that he never got to see her again.
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