“Dreams can come true”
Updated: 1/6/2021
“Dreams can come true”

Storyboard Text

  • Mary, I wish i could remember my dream from last night it made me so happy!
  • It is okay Joseph. One day it will come back to you. Just have some hope.
  • Where are we? What are we doing here?This castle looks familar. I have seen it somewhere!
  • I just don't know if it is safe Joseph.
  • Joseph this cant be real life! This has to be a dream!!!
  • Oh my god!! I must tell the guards that there are intruders!
  • I must go right away and warn Prince Joseph!
  • Wait a minute. This is the castle from my dream last night! I can't believe this!We must go in and explore together!
  • Joseph did you just see that medieval guy run towards the castle?! No way it isn't safe!!!
  • Prince Joseph! There are two strangers outside of the castle!
  • What?!? There has never been an intruder!!! What should we do?
  • Prince Joseph I will protect you!
  • Mary!!! We got inside the castle! Now lets go find the prince!
  • I must get to those kids before they destroy the castle!
  • Mary! The prince looks just like me! Wait it is me! Now I know that we are in my dream!!
  • Hi kids! Welcome to Joseph's dream. I am Prince Joseph! Let me show you around! haha
  • Joseph! I can't believe this!! The prince is you!!!
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