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doodle died
Updated: 10/8/2020
doodle died
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  • exposition
  • conflict
  • rising action
  • there was a family it included, mom, dad, brother, aunt nicey and doodle. they lived on a farm in 1918
  • climax
  • william armstrong was born phsyically challenged and his brother did not like that because he couldnt do what other kids can do like walk and run to play with him, william armstrongs brother wanted to kill him because he wasnt normal
  • falling action
  • as doodle was outside with the family learning how to walk a scarlet ibis was in a tree and was very weak, tired and hurt. it tried to fly away but fell an died. doodle was upset and stayed outside with the bird while the family went inside
  • a storm was coming as doodle and brother were practicing and they started running home and brother kept going faster and doodle couldnt keep up and got scared by lightning and fell, doodle screamed for brother to not leave him but brother kept going, doodle came back and seen doodle layin there died.
  • when doodles brother ran to doodle he cried and covered doodle from the rain.
  • after doodles brother found out doodle died he blamed himself for doodles death because he wasnt there to save him and he was pushing doodle to do too much, and he thought to himself that he shouldve loved him an not been selfish
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