Updated: 10/7/2021

Storyboard Text

  • Speech
  • "Ahhhh! I have nothing to wear! The purple skirt or my blue dress? I need the pefect outfit for picture day!
  • Thoughts
  • ...the rain might mess up my hair...what if people laugh at me....I'm goimg to be soaked for the picture...
  • Effects
  • "Then I told Mrs. Bee my dog ate my homework."
  • "Haha! Really!"
  • This shows that Sally is very indencisive because she always takes hours picking her outfits out and can never pick between one, she wants them to be perfect.
  • Action
  • "Smile really big!"
  • I smile as hard as I can and try different poses to try and get the best picture.
  • Sally is anxious and worries about what people think of her. She walks in to school thinking everyone was staring at her.
  • looks
  • "Really!"
  • Sally always tries to make people laugh and be happy. She always makes an efert to make people smile.
  • Sally is indisisive and perfectionistic. She likes things to be perfect. Sally loves to make people laugh and tell jokes. She also likes to be creative with her outfits and try out different hair style looks.
  • Sally smiles really big a tries not to look uncomfortable because she is perfectionistic and wants everthing to be right.
  • This shows that Sally has good style and people like what she wears. It takes her a long time to pick outfits because she is really creative with them.
  • "You look so good in these. I love that dress and how you did your hair."
  • The end.