glass castle scrap book - jeanette
Updated: 3/16/2021
glass castle scrap book - jeanette

Storyboard Text

  • Dad gave me a star for my birthday. He said that they make better gifts than things because stars last forever but things don't. The best gift ever! I don't ever have to worry about losing it!
  • This is mom and dad driving the U-Haul truck to Battle Mountain. There wasn't room for us 4 kids in the front, so we sat in the back. It was kind of scary, but it was the start of another big adventure!
  • Pervert Hunting with Brian and Dad! Brian and I are big kids now and we can take care of ourselves. Dad even showed us how to defend against someone bigger than us. I loved it and it was fun!
  • My first time at a zoo! It was amazing! And Dad let me pet a cheetah! Dad said others didn't understand animals like us. I felt bad for them, though, cause some of them looked so sad I wanted them to be free.
  • We moved to Welsh, West Virginia. This is where Dad grew up. I don't like it. We have to move somewhere. I'm helping Lori save up so we can move to New York City as soon as possible.
  • Lori and I moved to NYC. We loved it. Brian moved here after he graduated high school, and Lori brought Maureen up. Mom and Dad followed soon. Lori, Brian, and I found success. Dad died a year later.