american revolution comic
Updated: 11/7/2020
american revolution comic

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  • Meanwhile in Georgia there has been a boundary set at the Mississippi River...
  • why is there a border?
  • The southern boundary was set at St. Mary's River
  • The Treaty of Paris had set a boundary
  • The British were very mad. They needed money due to the French and Indian War
  • Georgian's did not agree with these acts
  • So they started putting taxes on certain goods...
  • The Sugar Act put taxes on sugar and molasses imports from the West Indies...
  • The Stamp Act put taxes on news paper, legal documents and licenses.
  • They called it the Sugar Act and Stamp Act...
  • The Boston Tea Party was against the Tea Act in Boston, Massachusetts on December 16, 1773. Members of the Sons of Liberty, dressed as Native Americans, dumped 90,000 lbs. of tea into Boston Harbor.
  • Great Britain punished the Massachusetts colony by creating the "Intolerable Acts" or the Coercive Acts
  • The Intolerable Acts had four major effects:1.Closed Boston Harbor2.Cancelled the Massachusetts Royal Charter3.British officials accused of crimes in Massachusetts were tried in Great Britain.4.Quartering Act – Citizens of Massachusetts were forced to house and feed British troops at their own expense.
  • The Continental Congress
  • 1st Meeting in 1774: agreed to boycott British goods2nd Meeting 1775: They appointed George Washington Commander in Chief of the Continental Army.3rdMeeting 1776: Signed the Declaration of Independence
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