Social Studies proj.
Updated: 4/1/2020
Social Studies proj.
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  • Welcome to the British Navy!
  • Impressment
  • Let us go! We don't want to serve in the British Navy!
  • The Battle of Tippecanoe
  • No! It's ours and you cannot take it away!
  • We want our land back!
  • Declaring War
  • Yes! We cannot continue to let Britain get in the way of our success!
  • We need to declare war against Britain!
  • America couldnt continue to let Britain attack their ships and take their men as prisinor to serve in the British navy. Considering the amount of people who died due to this, America was angry and couldnt sit and wait. This violated U.S. neutrality and pushed them to declare war.
  • Clearly, the British were angry about not havnig control over America. So they aided the Natives in fighting against them to take their land. The British aiding the Native Americans in war made America angry, they would want revenge.
  • Democratic-Republican president James Madison asked congress to vote on if it would be a good idea to declare war against Great Britain. After discussing the threat that Great Britain is to America, congress voted that they should declare war.
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