Herstory Project
Updated: 4/24/2020
Herstory Project
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  • John Adams
  • Benjamin Franklin
  • King George The Third
  • John Adams was a courageous and stubborn leader. He was voted to be the Massachusetts representative on the Continental Congress. Adams also gained a loan from the Netherlands to support the war.
  • Lord North
  • Benjamin Franklin's place in revolutionary history solidified when he convinced the French to align with the new Americas. He also helped write the declaration of independence.
  • Edmund Burke
  • Go Colonists!
  • After the British won the French and Indian war, King George taxed the colonists, causing them to revolt. His government was corrupt, -his doing-. He also was stubborn, he kept fighting even when he knew he would lose.
  • George Washington
  • Lord North was a good-humored person, who was Prime Minister during the war. North was angry with the colonists when they dumped his tea into the ocean, so he made some bad decisions, when he realized they were on the brink of war, he offered a compromise. That was too late.
  • Edmund Burke was a member of Parliament, who sided with the colonists. He did not want Britan to go to war, as he foresaw their loss. He was not listened to by the common person or British loyalist.
  • Washington was brave, no doubt, But he was a bad tactician. He lost as many battles as he won! He showed his strengths though when he crossed the Delaware and surprised the Hessians.
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