Pride and Prejudice - Darcy confesses his love [Comedy version]
Updated: 3/22/2020
Pride and Prejudice - Darcy confesses his love [Comedy version]

Storyboard Text

  • Elizabeth,even though I tried really hard, I can’t hide my feelings for you. I know that my family and friends don’t approve of this and I lowkey know that they’re right but let me explain how I feel.
  • No way! I didn’t ask for your offensive opinion, although I absolutely agree with it. I don’t want to cause you pain, but don’t worry, you will stop caring very soon.
  • I must ask you to marry me. But first,let me just tell you how much more superior I am to you and how I hate your family and how I broke your sister's heart. Oh, and you are also below my social class. But please end my suffering and marry me!
  • That’s all you have to say? You are rejecting me just like that? Absurd! Why can’t you turn a blind eye to my terrible personality?
  • You are telling me that you like me against your will, that’s a ridiculous excuse. Do you believe that anything will make me marry the man who caused so much pain to my sister?
  • Why not? I did my best to divide my friend from your sister. And I am happy with what I have done for him. What's more, I treated him better than myself!
  • From the moment I met you, I was well aware of your pride and prejudice that shows you character. I don't want to be with a man like you!
  • And this is your opinion of me? Perhaps your pride have just been hurt by these honest confessions of the scruples that have long prevented me forming a serious design on you.
  • You are mistaken, Mr Darcy!