Updated: 12/18/2019
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  • This was at the beginning when the king was drunk and before he handed out money to his people.
  • This is when grindel came the first time he hates when the geats sing, he came and killed many people.
  • When Beowulf came of the boat to see the king and he said ''he was there to kill their monster.''The king was happy.
  • The king talks to beowulf about him killing grindel.
  • When Beowulf takes the monsters arm and send him back.
  • When the king was telling him about Grindels mom he knew beowulf didn't kill them he gives him a present before he go kill her.When he finally meets Grindel's mom she was a very nice looking and she made some promises to him.
  • When beowulf wakes up from a bad dream and sees his people dead.
  • Fifty Years Later. Beowulf is still king it start when the are at battle.They won the battle but they left a person to question.Beowulf scared him .That night a servant brought the gord back. Beowulf was shook, but he knew what he had to do. The next day he faught the dragon (his son) and he killed him but he also dies. Rothgar becomes king and Grindel's mom return.
  • When the king ask Beowulf did he killed her and he said ain't i made it out. The king told everyone if he die he want Beowulf to be the king. Seconds later the king jumped out the window.
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