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Updated: 2/12/2020
AP Language

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  • A pet bunny ran away from home and a humane shelter took it in. 2 years later, the shelter ran out of room and had to get rid of the bunny.
  • Don't let this bunny be part of the 100 million animals that are burned, crippled, poisoned, and abused every in the U.S.
  • The doctor and nurse argued for minutes on end throwing facts, but nothing the doctor was saying was true. She knew they had to test it because it was their job.
  • She fought saying that though they work on animals 92% of the time they fail in human trials because they are too dangerous. He told her that it would work, and their was nothing to worry about.
  • The doctor injected the test bunny with a growth serum. There was a momentary pause, until the animal began to grow at an exponential rate. It didn't stop until it was bigger than the doctor.
  • You'll feel a tiny pinch bud!
  • The doctor rushed out of the room... when he came out the bunny was dead. It had died, the growth was too much for his body. Was this and many other animals death worth the results? Later the doctor quit his job and became an advocate for stopping animal testing.
  • An animal graveyard is where someone who loves their pet would put it. In animal testing labs, the tested on animals will be burned or euthanized, either way killed, never given a chance at life again. Imagine if this was your pet, would you want someone to test drugs in which the result was unknown. There is no reason to be killing our beloved animals.